Thursday, October 02, 2008

I Predict A Riot

I've written before of our ubiquitous bookies in the UK. You may know that they'll offer a wager on almost anything: Sporting events, elections, natural disasters. Perhaps it's an outgrowth of the kind of behavior that goes on at the Lloyd's of London insurance market, with less sophisticated financial instruments (e.g. you're the guy holding the bag if you lose your gamble, instead of your reinsurer). Mrs. Werbenmanjensen has emailed this morning to tell me that one of our fine bookies, Paddy Power, is offering odds on riots in several international cities related to economic turmoil.

New York, at 9-4, and Washington, at 10-3, are suckers' bets, in my opinion. The terms of the wager are that "riots must be confirmed by that countries ruling government as being due to motivated by economic circumstances." The Bush administration would just call them looters. It's happened before, after all. My money would be on Paris, at 3-1. But I'd also like to know where the Kaiser Chiefs are putting their money:

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Blogger Kevboy said...

I was just curious...what are the odds for London, if any?

5:51 PM  
Anonymous Andrew said...

Would it be really picky to say that Paddy is actually an Irish bookmaker?

6:07 PM  
Anonymous Andrew said...

Of course that should read Paddy Power. That'll teach me to be picky.

6:08 PM  
Blogger Smitty Werbenmanjensen said...

London 9-2. Probably a suckers' bet, too.

6:11 PM  
Blogger Kevboy said...

And Paris is 3-1? Who says the French are wimps?

11:04 PM  

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