Monday, September 22, 2008

That's The Way It Was And We Liked It! We Loved It!

I'm looking at some recent posts and realizing I've come across as rather cranky. (Examples: here, here, and here.) It doesn't really sell a blog to come off as shrill, does it? (Oh, wait, maybe it does.) Others have noticed it, too. Mrs. Werbenmanjensen says, "You hate everything." Friends who have noticed this post here and on Facebook have commented on it. Some have correctly wondered if turning 40 has affected me. (Did I forget to mention that I turned 40 on the blog? What an omission!). I'm willing to consider this as a possible explanation. But anyway ... over the weekend Mrs. W and I went to visit the lovely beach town of Brighton, also known as "London-by-the-Sea," and I pledged to become a new person, more loving and life-affirming in my words and deeds. So I will have to say no to cranky posts in the future as much as possible.

Unless it involves banks.



Blogger Schmutz said...

A "Sylvia" comic strip once quoted a U of Penn study that says men lose their sense of humor as they get older...their brains shrink. Sylvia then commented, "So men will be getting grumpier just as we're getting...shorter."

12:37 PM  
Anonymous Badger said...

In my day we didn't have any vee-dee-oh games! We had one game - it was called "Chew The Bark Off A Tree" ... there were no winners, everybody lost, with wood sticking into your gums and bleeding and going "Oooh noooo". BUT THAT'S THE WAY IT WAS, etc. etc.

While you were in the Brighton Marina Mickey D's pledging to become more life-affirming, I was out on that bench, basking in the sun, breathing in the cool sea air, head slowly swirling after the triathlon, watching pigeons pinwheeling in the sky, and my life had become one thought: "You f*ckers up there better not crap on me!!"

2:14 PM  

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