Thursday, April 03, 2008

Even more things I missed

Tonight I met a good friend for dinner on the South Bank, near Waterloo station. She noticed that I didn't include friends on my short list of things I missed. So here's a shout-out to all my peeps in the big smoke! I DID miss you.

After dinner, it being a spring-like night, I decided to take the 20-minute walk along the Thames from Waterloo to London Bridge, where I caught a train home. And then I saw other things I missed: the gentle lapping of the river against the muddy beach; the glittering lights hanging like electric smiles from the boats laden with tourists, or drunkards, or both; the skeletal spire of St. Bride's; the Buddha-belly dome of St. Paul's; the modern entrants to the skyline, Tower 42 and the infamous Gherkin, which we can see (sort of) from our flat. I am one soul among millions who have taken this walk through the ages, with all or some or none of these sights to see, and yet I felt special. I felt like it was for me -- not for the lovers snogging on benches, not for the smokers huddled outside the pubs, not for the bike commuters or the skater boys. It's my city as much as anyone's, and I love it.


Anonymous Diana said...

Yea! You did miss us! :)

I love that walk as's amazing to think of who might have walked there years ago!


9:02 AM  

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