Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hooray For Hollywood!

(Be kind. It was the best I could do from a moving taxi.)

Americans Amuck is now amuck ... in America. We're in Universal City, in San Fernando Valley (or so they tell me), attending a professional conference. Our hotel room has a view of Universal Studios (the theme park) ...

(Again, please be kind. I shot that through a window.)

... and a run I took this morning went right past the real Universal Studios, the one where movies are filmed. Somewhere behind the big globe in that photo is the City Walk, a pedestrian retail district that was a bit of a bright version of Carnaby Street, the main difference being that Carnaby Street was once a hip retail district that has become homogenized.

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Blogger Middle Kid said...

How's the jetlag? Are there any Chipotles in the area?

8:11 PM  

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