Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Happy Ash Wednesday?

Apologies for not posting lately. The past week has seemed largely like one gray day melding into the next, without even so much as biathlon on TV, so it seems like there's been nothing of note to write about.

The delightful Annie Mole has picked up my spirits, however, by carrying a brief item about two Swedes who set a new record for passing through each one of the Tube's 275 stations in something over 18 hours.

The punch line: They spent 17 hours of it in a stopped train between Euston and Camden Town.

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Blogger Edward said...

Don't think we're not jumping for joy here in Washington. The temperatures topped 50 degrees F today and the melt is on. I had to portage my bike over just two snow piles this afternoon after having to ride the wrong way on the shoulder on 110 near the cemetery to avoid the entire snowpacked trail on Tuesday night.

2:25 AM  

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