Thursday, November 09, 2006

New Frontiers In Radio

We just bought a digital audio radio, which is kind of like satellite radio without having to pay fees to anybody. We can receive dozens of station from our flat high atop Highgate Hill, with a very clean sound and ease of tuning--just flip through an LCD menu and hit a button for the station you want to listen to. There's Chill radio, Kerrang radio, more BBC stations than you can shake a stick at, and XFM, to name a few (although no legitimate jazz stations, to my dismay). But I was flipping through the menu when I saw the following, and it made me laugh out loud.

Gaydar radio.

Yes, you read that right: Gaydar radio.

Gaydar radio is what you would imagine it to be: Club/dance music, lots of Cher, and ads for gay porn channels on cable TV (I don't mean to single that out--it's just the only ad I remember hearing).

The music isn't my cup of tea, although using it as the station the radio turns to when the alarm goes off might be a good thing. Nothing makes me want to get out of bed and turn off a radio like hearing Cher.


Anonymous fatslug the impetuous said...

Cher--and Sonny too--certainly worked to get Bill Murray out of bed in "Groundhog Day!"

7:53 PM  
Blogger pseudonymous in NC said...

(although no legitimate jazz stations, to my dismay)

That's a tricky one, since it spans BBC R2 and R3's territory. (Jazz FM is something of a misnomer.) The R3 audiophiles will say that DAB degrades the signal more than FM, but with pirate stations across London, DAB might be the lesser evil.

10:52 AM  
Blogger Matt said...

A new Jazz station launches on Christmas Day on DAB - it's called theJazz. If you do an autotune you'll see (hear?) it's test transmissions.

5:01 PM  

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