Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Scene from a marriage

Smitty and I share many things in our marriage: laughs, tears -- and iTunes files.

But Smitty, being a music snob, doesn't always appreciate it when I am generous with my 80s pop. Yesterday he said to me: "I can forgive you for many things in our marriage, but I will never forgive you for putting Billy Ocean on my iPod."

This song, to be exact. Don't you think he should be flattered?

Watch out, boyo. This may be next!


Blogger Middle Kid said...

It's time to bifurcate the iTunes files, Mrs. W. I'm firmly with Smitty on this one!

4:19 AM  
Blogger Smitty Werbenmanjensen said...

The files are bifurcated by user, but then I executed some sharing function that put a bunch of hers into mine (stuff bought from the iTunes store). I had no idea Mrs. W was wasting her hard-earned pence on such dreck. I also have Madonna, uh, and some other things I've purposely forgotten about.

10:02 AM  
Blogger oldest kid said...

The question is, does Smitty have "Sneaky Snake" on his IPOD? And, what about "The Cat Came Back?" I wonder if Mrs. W. is familiar with those favorites.

12:11 AM  

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