Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mrs. W learns some new words

Top toff boffins.

This is apparently what the London tabloid newspapers or redtops call Oxford University researchers in headlines. I found this very very amusing, especially after I tried to say it five times fast.

These papers also give colorful nicknames to such popular personalities as Macca, Madge and Jacko. It got me thinking; what would my redtop name be? I mean, Smitty would be Smitty. It's easy, it fits into headlines. Werby or Werbo might also work. I guess I'd be Mrs. W.

Sure, there are sites that give you your Unitarian Jihad Name or your Jedi and soap opera names but where's the redtop name generator, hmm? I propose taking the first syllable of your last name, and adding an o, a or y on the end of it. Who's with me?


Blogger pseudonymous in NC said...

'Boffin' is kind of wrong, though, because a boffin is more of a mad scientist than a 'posh don'.

Funny thing is that most writers for the redtops are products of the posh universities...

11:24 PM  
Blogger Middle Kid said...

I'm sitting here wondering why we say we even speak "English" anymore.

4:21 AM  
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