Wednesday, November 01, 2006


More impressive in many ways than Stonehenge is Avebury. While we know little of the people who built Stonehenge, how they built it, or why they built it, there is a persistent belief (although sometimes challenged) that it served some timekeeping purpose. Avebury, on the other hand, seems to be even more of a mystery.

It is prehistory's largest stone circle, however, and well worth a visit. So large is the circle that a small village has grown up in the middle, to the detriment of the historical site.

It is apparently less visited than Stonehenge, so one doesn't need to be part of a special tour to walk among Avebury's Sarsen stones--not even the sheep.

For some,the sheep are a bigger draw.

It being an English town, there's a thatched-roof pub in the middle.

(Thanks to Schmutz for photo of the pub and a close-up of the stone.)


Blogger Moonbootica said...

that looks very familiar ;)

living fairly close to Avebury, I don't really give the stones much thought, they are just there and will always be there.

its quite a magical place too in certain lights.

1:01 PM  

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