Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hot Karl -- Back by Popular Demand

Guys and gals alike insist on more Hot Karl, and we at Americans Amuck aim to please. At least in this case.

So our Swiss friends just happened to leave their snowshoeing poles at Chez Karl Alpiger (which means my female friend probably hid them on the premises, and then waited for her husband to notice, so they would just HAVE to make the trip back). And I get a text message from said friend when they do go back: KARL SEZ HI! HE RUBBED MY BACK. And no other details. Nothing. I want details!!!


Blogger Die Frau said...

Okay, Okay... I thought I could keep him all to myself but I see that I'm going to have to share : )
We recently observed the wild animal in his natural habitat (which would be his Apr├Ęs Ski bar). Der Ma (my slightly jealous hubby)won't let me post the picture... Snif Snif. Sorry ladies. Besides privacy rights, this might have something to do with the fact that I asked Der Ma if he had some dollar bills for Hot Karl's tip. Mr. Alpiger asked what we did that day, and how we all enjoyed last weeks snow shoeing adventure. Karl then said that he remembered us, and said to Der Ma, actually I remembered your wife. He then smiled, and gently pat my back... Alas, more news shall wait until our next alpine adventure.

9:01 PM  
Blogger oldest kid said...

I am so jealous! And, I've only seen his picture!

12:11 AM  

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