Friday, February 01, 2008

Eigg Joins The 20th Century (With A 21st Century Twist)

Since we're big fans of the Highlands and Islands, such as that very special place, Skye, I thought it worth noting this story:
AS SWITCH-ONS go it will be rather unglamorous. But when the villagers of Eigg gather in the island's tea room at noon today it will herald an energy revolution for the Hebridean isle.

With no electricity connection to the mainland, the 83 islanders on Eigg have been reliant on noisy, costly and environmentally unfriendly diesel generators for their power.

But from today they will switch on to a new era, with supplies to all households coming from renewable sources.

People may ask: "How did they live?" Well, they probably didn't know any different, so living without a constant electricity supply wasn't a big deal.

For more on Eigg, click here. I remember seeing it in the distance on a rather interesting, er, ferry ride on our honeymoon, and again during our 2006 trip to Skye.

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