Saturday, October 13, 2007

Americans Amuck ... In America

Howdy. A quick update ... Mrs. Werbenmanjensen and I have been in America for more than 48 hours now, in New Jersey. Yesterday, Sir Kevin and I kicked around Manhattan, visiting the Guggenheim Museum, Natural History Museum and Central Park. Today we were at the Grounds For Sculpture, an amazing sculpture collection on the former grounds of the former state fairground (insert jokes about Jerseyites winning blue ribbons for shivmaking and body-dumping here). Lots of photos from the sculpture gardens, but no way to actually get them on the web right now, so you'll have to wait.

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Anonymous Justin Jones said...

Hello American Amuck!

I just recently found your blog -- some good stuff here! I see that you are in Jersey. what are your new travel plans? are you done being amuuck abroad?

I'm a travel writer / blogger. if you get a sec, check out my travel blog at
-Justin Jones

10:48 PM  

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