Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays!

2007 has been great for us. Our second year in London saw us spending some quality time in the English countryside:

Camping in Somerset (in the rain)

On holiday in Devon (in the rain)

Introducing ourselves to new parts of London (along with visiting family):

Day trip to Bath (no rain!)

We also got to visit family at opposite ends of America in March and October. That included a trip to New Jersey:

And we also got to visit old Jersey:

They liked us so much in Jersey they whipped up a storm to strand us. But we made it back on the Vomit Comet and via train.

And let's not forget our front row seats at the prologue of the Tour de France (which started in London, oddly enough):

Mrs. W got to see some neat places while traveling for her old job, including Amsterdam:


And Smitty was able to join her in Barcelona to have some sun and fun in September:

This month she went to Indonesia for a big meeting as part of her new job:

(Despite the cool photos, she really didn't get any quality beach time in. Really.)

Now we are off to spend Christmas in Hawaii with some pretty cool people we are related to. Not everyone will get warm weather this holiday season, but we can send you warm feelings and wish you a very Happy New Year! Hoping to live up to the Amuck in our name in 2008!


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