Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Postcard From Bali

Mrs. Werbenmanjensen sends greetings from Bali, where she is traveling for work. Here is a slightly edited version of a note she sent:

This morning I ate breakfast beside a man-made waterfall and pond filled with water lilies. Then I had a 20-minute walk or so along the beach. That was about as tranquil as my day will get!

I am sweating like a pig. My hair hasn't been this fluffy since the 1980s. It's summer here, just below the equator (my first time in the Southern Hemisphere). The air is either scented with flowers or, um, other scents, depending on where you are. People are friendly and many speak English. A lot of prices are in U.S. dollars, but those that aren't are a little scary -- 50,000 rupiah for a sandwich! (That's about $5.) I took 500,000 rupiah out at the ATM at the airport, halfway to being a millionaire!

I think I'm finally over the jet lag. Hope to send pictures when I return to London (I did take a few).



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