Saturday, June 09, 2007

Bath revisited

Today I finally made a proper all-day visit to Bath, one of England's finest cities (and a World Heritage Site!). It was one of the London Walks Explorer Days. We did a walk in the morning, had lunch, then did an afternoon walk before returning on the train.

And speaking of the train: We were held up outside Slough because there was a man brandishing a gun at the junction where the Heathrow Express crosses. I don't know what happened there, but we were stopped for about 30 min., and then we booked it to Paddington. Our conductor apologized profusely and said in a dry English way, "Apparently no one told him we don't rob trains anymore..."

Photos and stories to come.


Blogger Sarah said...

Good thing I didn't know Bath was a World Heritage Site when I was there... I seem to be making a bad habit of being sick (& I mean SICK) when I am at the sites... (both the Sphinx & the Great Barrier Reef) :D

8:16 PM  

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