Friday, April 20, 2007

Freudian Slip

Apologies for my relative absence in posting. Smitty posts so often that I don't really like to trump him. Plus, you sit in front of a computer for 10 hours a day and see how much you feel like spending another half hour posting!

But today I am trumping him. Hahaha!

I belong to a book group run by a very cool lady from Canada. We meet off Carnaby Street once a month in this cafe. (All are welcome.) This month, we met to discuss The Interpretation of Murder, which won the Richard & Judy award for Best Read of the Year. Richard & Judy are to Brits what Oprah is to the U.S. Kind of. With books, at least.

Sigmund Freud is a character in the book, as is Carl Jung and several other disciples of Freud. The narrator meditates on lots of deep subjects: psychoanalysis, murder, Hamlet. One of the book group attendees expressed disinterest in Freud's theories, if not criticism. Then, at the end of the discussion, one of our group revealed himself to be none other than the great-great-grandson of Freud! Does that count as a Freudian slip? He was very cool about his heritage, not lording it over any of us. He did mention his grandfather interviewed the author for an article published here.

Oh, and the book *was* pretty good. (Warning: it's 500+ pages.)

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