Sunday, February 04, 2007

Channeling Sporty Spice

It's a sporting weekend for me. Yesterday afternoon, Smitty and I watched Six Nations rugby at a pub with his English-Swedish friend and a lovely Kiwi couple. It was a good introduction to the sport for me, as all I really knew about the sport I learned from a friend who played in college.

Tonight we are watching the Super Bowl live -- I even took a day off work to watch what should be one of the most exciting championship games in recent history. I see my deal with the devil paid off, and the Patriots aren't in it. Ha! The downside is, so I am told by Smitty, is that we don't get the cool ads OR the Prince halftime show. (This Prince, not that one.) What's up with that?!

The big question for me is: Who to root for? I was going to pull for my man Peyton Manning, who deserves a ring more than the Bears' poor excuse for a QB. But Smitty says he gave money to George Bush (See post below) so now I am torn. The Colts haven't had one since they fled Baltimore (I have a friend who is still bitter about this), so they have that going against them too. Well, I have a few hours to decide.

Meanwhile, I am trying to avoid watching ski sports, which seems to be all Smitty is interested in at the moment. What would Sporty Spice make of Nordic combined? Although there are some good-looking Finns who ski...

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