Friday, January 12, 2007

Winter Blues

A helpful note from the UK government:

"Tomorrow (13.01.07) is St Hilary's day, the coldest day of the year, according to folklore. This dates back to 1086 when a great frost held the country in its grip until late March. It remains true to the present day that this time of year is often the coldest, leaving those most vulnerable at risk from the drop in temperature."

Thanks, Department of Health. Now let's look at the numbers:

December high temperatures, southeast England: 1.8 degrees C above average
December low temperatures, southeast England: 2.0 degrees C above average
December mean temperature, southeast England: 1.9 degrees C above average
December sunshine, southeast England: 3 percent above average

It's been warm--so warm, in fact, that I've worn my heaviest coat only a few times--but rainy. Staying dry, not freezing to death, has been a bigger worry, although I appreciate their concern for the vulnerable.

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Blogger Schmutz said...

And Michigan is snow free so far this January. It looks like another year of no cross-country skiing.

12:44 PM  

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