Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Brits all scream for ice cream

Yes, we are food-obsessed, but this is merely an observation:

I have seen more people consume ice cream outdoors in the middle of winter in the space of six weeks here than I have in my entire life preceding the move. At last week's British Cross Country Championship, as I turned away from the finish, shivering, to walk home, I saw a guy putting about half of an ice-cream cone into his mouth.

According to this document, UK residents consume less than half of the ice cream per capita that Americans do, and less than one-third of our fellow Anglophones, the Kiwis. Perhaps the English are only eating it during the winter, which makes no sense at all.


Blogger Sarah said...

I noticed the same thing when I was there - tons of little outdoor ice cream shops... maybe they just do all their ice cream eating outdoors... ? I have to say I promote it - I am in favor of ice cream - any time, any place!

2:44 AM  

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