Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Death Of An English Folk Tradition

Without comment, I'll note this following article about the feared demise of Morris Dancing:
The numbers of people participating in the traditional British folk dance are dwindling whilst the age of the dancers is increasing, according to the Morris Ring, an association representing over 200 Morris troupes across Britain.
It is warning that "unless younger blood is recruited during the coming winter months, Morris dancing will soon become extinct".
Charlie Corcoran, Bagman of the Morris Ring, said: "There's a distinct possibility that in 20 years' time there will be nobody left.
"It worries me a great deal. Young people are just too embarrassed to take part.

Embarassing? I'll let the reader be the judge:

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Blogger oldest kid said...

This may one tradition that should just be allowed to die! I think I see why they are having trouble recruiting new dancers. I found the hats to be particularly troubling.

3:26 AM  
Blogger twenty pound tabby said...

The mixed sides seems to be doing alright, and Morris dancing is actually getting more popular in the USA. We've got quite a few young people on both our Cotswold and Border sides here in Denver, USA. It was quite funny to hear about the demise of Morris dancing on the news here - especially the segment about it on "Wait wait, don't tell me"
npr segment

1:16 AM  

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