Friday, January 04, 2008

Waimea Canyon

"At the birthplace of all waters, it rains and rains, and then it pours."

Kauai is home to the location that is, by reputation, the rainiest on Earth--or at least the rainiest that gets measured. It also is home to the only navigable fresh water in Hawaii. Dozens of large streams and rivers criss-cross the island, many of them originating in the ancient volcanic caldera that now is the Alakai Swamp.

Waimea Canyon was formed by one of these large streams, cutting down the western side of the island. The auto road that parallels it terminates at an overlook that drops down to the NaPali Coast.

With Middle Kid and MK's family, Mrs. Werbenmanjensen and I drove up the canyon and took a side hike to some waterfalls.

Beyond the falls, Mr. MK and I hiked to an overlook above twin falls cascading down the canyon wall.

As we drove back down, a cloud hung over the canyon, creating rainbows and even doubled rainbows floating below us in the canyon. I stopped at every opportunity to capture photos.

I now understand why the rainbow is the symbol of Hawaii.

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