Monday, May 19, 2008

Boris Lies

Well, we learn from Annie Mole that Boris' promise to bring back the Routemaster may not happen, which means we really will be stuck with those stupid, not-designed-for-narrow-London-streets bendy buses, which can't fit down the street, annoy taxi drivers because they can't fit in the designated bus stop areas, and by the way endanger pedestrians.

Of course, being a good right-winger, Boris would go back on a promise to do a good idea but would never back down on an authoritarian promise, which is the Tube drinking ban. Annie Mole reminds us of the final night parties on the Circle Line. Drink up: Happy hour is now enforced by law.

UPDATED: For more good anti-Boris vitriol, go visit London Geezer, who unfortunately doesn't make his permalinks obvious.

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Blogger dgeezer said...

You're right, London Geezer is permalink free, but all those posts appear (and are linkable from) my main blog at

5:17 PM  
Blogger HenryFTP said...

Does Boris really think people won't notice after he buries the new Routemaster idea under 9 months of study by the same idiot transport officials who inflicted the Bendy Bus on London?

10:38 AM  

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