Thursday, December 21, 2006

New Blogger: It's A Hit!

I've just moved Americans Amuck over to the "new" blogger, which looks to the reader, and, frankly, the user, a lot like the "old" blogger. Google has been beta-testing this new platform for awhile, but I've resisted until this point. Now it appears that they're trying to push us all onto this new platform, which is fine, so I'll go along with it. There are more capabilities to the "new" blogger that will allow you to make your blog look like the more sophisticated ones on TypePad or WordPress (please do not mention MySpace in MyPresence--too many unicorns and ducklings and kittens and puppies and script fonts over in that hellhole). This is a keep it simple blog, so the main difference you will notice is that I've begun applying labels beneath each post. If you click on a label, it will allow you to read all the posts in a given category, assuming I have the patience to go back through and put labels on all 330-some posts we've written in the last year. I would like to do it, given that I hope this blog can be useful for anybody who is traveling or moving here. Whether I have the time or the patience is another matter entirely.



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